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Good Morning Everyone !

I'm happy to welcome you on my new website : www.soniarochel.com
It is under construction but ready to welcome my visitors :-)
You'll find articles, videos, pictures etc. Forget the old blog and share this new website, add it to your favorites :-)

To celebrate this new website, I will post very soon a new article about a topic I have been asked many questions about : "Water in My Baby's ears, is it dangerous ?"

Many many new things will be available soon, I just need some time and I count on you to share this new website to your friends or on your websites/blogs


Happy New Year ♥

From Paris With Love,

Sonia Rochel

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Sonia, my name is Guldana I am from Kazakhstan and I was wonder of watching your video and what you do with babies, if you have problems with translate you website for the Russian I suggest my help not for value,I just want to help for many young mam and daddys who don"t understand English or other language except Russian and Kazakh, if you give your permission I will start to translate into Russian and if you want also can make your site with translation into Russian and I need nothing from you. It"s just interesting for me assist such a project dedicated to our kids. Best Regard Guldana JSC " National Research cardiacsurgery center"

  2. Im sorry I have forgotten write my e-mail nnkc.edu@bk.ru
    Best regards Guldana

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