Sonia and the "Baby Spa" : Introduction

Good Morning Everyone !

I'm happy to welcome you on my new website :
It is under construction but ready to welcome my visitors :-)
You'll find articles, videos, pictures etc. Forget the old blog and share this new website, add it to your favorites :-)

To celebrate this new website, I will post very soon a new article about a topic I have been asked many questions about : "Water in My Baby's ears, is it dangerous ?"

Many many new things will be available soon, I just need some time and I count on you to share this new website to your friends or on your websites/blogs


Happy New Year ♥

From Paris With Love,

Sonia Rochel

6 commentaires:

  1. Hi Sonia,
    Im so touched by your work with new born babies. Im a psychologist and teacher, and I would love to help you with spanish translations if you like. Im form Uruguay, but living in the US. Also I am really interested in asking you some questions, let me know if it´s ok to contact you in private. Thanks for the love you put in what you do, for caring and sharing.

  2. Absolutely amazing ;)!!! Very touching. God bless you.

  3. Hi Sonia, your work is beautiful! I'm a psychologist and I often work with parents. Pleeeeeeease, how can I learn to do this work in Italy? Thank you for sharing your experience! Francesca

  4. Beautiful, Sonia. It is absolutely wonderful to see you at work and the effect it has on the little ones!

  5. Sonia, I LOVED this video. I am an Infant Massage instructor in Australia and would love to learn how to do this, or even have a chat to you as to how you go about doing this. If you can contact me I would appreciate it. Thank you so much for the video. My heart melted whilst watching this most touching video.

  6. Wonderful. I have 3 children and I'm 36 years-old. I live in California but I am french and my Sister taught be how to bathe and massage newborn (she is a "kine"). It was an amazing video and absolutely beautiful work. I will spread it around me, share it on Facebook and make sure people know about this.
    Also, just a little mistake in your text : it's "know-how" -not "how-know".
    Best to you and thank you for sharing this.