Good Morning Everyone !

I'm happy to welcome you on my new website : www.soniarochel.com
It is under construction but ready to welcome my visitors :-)
You'll find articles, videos, pictures etc. Forget the old blog and share this new website, add it to your favorites :-)

To celebrate this new website, I will post very soon a new article about a topic I have been asked many questions about : "Water in My Baby's ears, is it dangerous ?"

Many many new things will be available soon, I just need some time and I count on you to share this new website to your friends or on your websites/blogs


Happy New Year ♥

From Paris With Love,

Sonia Rochel

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  1. Hi Sonia, this is Fulden from Turkey. I'd love to help you on translating your blog from English to Turkish. just send me your e-mail, and i will send you your posts in Turkish :)

    love, Fulden.

    my e-mail: fulden -at- gmail.com

    1. Hey Fulden how are you ? Thanks for your message :)
      I sent you an email

    2. translation in your inbox.

  2. Hello this is Elisa from México. I can help you on translating your articles in Spanish. I'll be very glad to do it :)

    This is my e-mail address


    Lots of love.

  3. Hi Elisa ! Nice to "meet" you :-)
    What a nice offer ! Thank you so much !

    I sent you an email. Have a great day


  4. Hello Sonia,

    I will be glad translate your blog in Russian.
    Landloper2-at-gmail com

    1. Hi Yulia !

      Thanks a lot for your message and even more for your offer !
      I sent you an email

      Have a great day !


  5. Amazing work!!!!!!!!! Thank you Sonia!!!!
    I can translated to hungarian for you!!!!!!
    My email: timeahunter@gmail.com

    1. Hi !

      Thanks a lot for your compliment ! I can't believe that so many people offer their help to translate my blog, it's amazing and beautiful ! I send you an email, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon

      Have a great day !


  6. Bonjour Sonia, bravo pour cette formidable expérience que vous nous faites partager en vidéo .... Quelle émotion de voir ces bébés si calme et complètement relaxés ....Je suis maman d'une petite Romy depuis maintenant 6 jours, et j'avoue que le bain actuellement ne prend pas la même tournure que sur la vidéo ;) mais je suis confiante, car selon ma sage femme, la véritable appréciation du bain apparaît par la suite !

    Je suivrai donc vos aventures sur ce blog désormais et vous souhaite une bonne continuation avec plein de bébés relaxés !


  7. Dear Sonia, I'm writing you from Italy and if you want I will be very proud to tranlate your post from english to italian for you
    My email address is: nanuu1970@yahoo.it
    a big and warm hug

  8. Dear Sonia,
    We are very sorry about we have published your video on our youtube profile.
    It was a mistake from our team. Will not happen again.
    Please, could you detele the strike to us on youtube?.
    We only want to help you on distribute your information... we are a non-profit organization, and we doesnt make any money with this.

  9. Dear Sonia, I could translate your blog in Dutch if you want... Please send email to g.holtrop@gmail.com!

    Kind regards!

  10. I saw your wonderful video on Youtube and was amazed by it. I can help translate your blog from English (my French is very poor :)) into Slovene. My email is brizitka2001@yahoo.com

  11. Hello Sonia,

    How can I get in contact with you, either via phone or email.

    I have looked everywhere on your site for contact information but cannot find any?


  12. Sonia, I guess it´s really difficult to answer the emails and comments. I just want you to know I can help with spanish if you need. I will be honored to help. Thanks for your work and love. María

  13. Hi, really loved the video and was touched by... Just reminded me my daughter's first bath in the hospital by the nurse.. The difference made me laugh. :)


    1. I'd like to see your video please share me. Thanks a lot.

  14. Sorry, the youtube is link is my baby bath in the hospital.. so other people can see how they do it. :)

  15. Hi Sonia,

    it was amazing to watch this movie, and happy to find this blog. Please do not hesitate to send the text to me and it would be my pleasure to translate to Hungarian.
    My email is evakreith@yahoo.co.uk
    Best regards,
    Eva Kreith

  16. Merci pour cette expérience incroyable, Sonia! J'aurais beaucoup de plaisir a traduire votre blog en Hongrois, de meme que tout autre support pour enseigner cette méthode fabuleuse... N'hésitez pas a me faire signe au plus tot :) !

  17. Hi sonia! It's incredible. I can help you translating to portuguese (Portugal & Brazil). ernestoferreira@yahoo.com

    Hugs Ernesto

  18. Hi Sonia, your work, your video and the message you gave to the mothers with little babies is incredible! I would like to help you with translation, if you are interested, i am working as a translator, using hungarian, czech, slowak and english every day.
    My email: vorosovabeata@seznam.cz

    Beáta Vörösová

  19. Hi, Sonia Wow, I just watched this video and made me want to have another baby. I am from Brazil. We have a group in facebook called mamães and one of the moms shared your video in this group. So, amazing! I would love to learn and do something like that here in Brazil. Soon, I will be moving to Germany with my family. I have one little girl 2 years and 8 months old. Are you a midwife? Is there any chance for me to learn and do a course to learn "Thalasso Bain Bébé"? Thanks in advance and keep on the good work.

    Cintia Schelin (cintiaschelin@gmail.com)

  20. Bonjour Sonia,

    Je suis auxiliaire puéricultrice (j'ai 52 ans)et je ne fais plus ce travail depuis 10 ans et cette vidéo que je découvre aujourd'hui me donne envie d'apprendre et de faire cela. Si vous faites une formation dites-le moi.
    Quel beau & émouvant travail.

    Merci. Sylvie

  21. Dear Sonia, I'm writing from Italy. I'm just a mother and I'll love to follow a course if you are planning to do some. I've never seen anything like that. You are like "the woman that wispers to babies!" Let us know on the blog if you can organize any course! Thanks, Clara.

    1. Hi Clara and thanks a lot for your message, i really appreciate.
      Unfortunately there is no such a course in Italy (for now...), and no one else has this specific knowledge and method.
      Of course, I will update you if I plan something in Italy.

      Merry christmas


  22. You are so awesome! You are like a God-woman. :)Loads of love.

  23. Hallo Sonia, dass ist die perfekte Rebonding Form für das Kind nach der traumatischen Geburt. Du gibst so den Kindern Sicheheit fürs Leben zurück. Weiter so...
    Susan aus Deutschland

  24. Bonjour Sonia,

    Ici un papa de Suisse, qui a pris beaucoup de plaisir à baigner et masser ses deux petits quand ils l'étaient encore. J'ai souvenirs de moments de grande tranquillité dans l'eau, qui ne les effraient effectivement pas, lorsqu'ils semblent avoir confiance. Merci poru ce magnifique film, je viendrai bien vous rendre visite, mais mes enfants sont maintenant trop grands :-) Bonne continuation et belles Fêtes à vous!
    Vincent, Lausanne, Suisse

  25. Hello Sonia and Merry Christmas to you and your family, I can translate your posts in Greek if you'd like, keep up the amazing work!

  26. Waouh!
    Je suis instructrice en massage bébé mais c'est plutôt mon expérience personnelle qui me fait réagir.
    J'ai 42 ans 3 enfants et le "bain" à la maternité ne ressemblait pas vraiment à ce que l'on voit sur la vidéo.
    Pour l'aînée(14 ans) on la passait sous l'eau du robinet à cause du cordon...Bizarrement pendant plusieurs années elle n'a jamais voulu approcher la douche. Pour le second(11 ans) on le savonnait sur le plan de change et on le rinçait rapidement dans l'eau(plus de robinet, grande évolution). Quand au troisième(8 ans) ça ressemblait plus à un bain mais rien à voir avec la vidéo.
    Je vous remercie pour ce bon moment vidéo. Je n'ai aucune compétence en langues mais si je peux faire quelque chose pour faire évoluer ce moment(qui comme le massage permet un temps d'échange bien particulier avec ses enfants j'en suis intimement convaincue) que j'ai pu apprécier par la suite avec mes enfants c'est très volontiers.
    Je vais déjà m'empresser de partager la vidéo avec mes belle-soeurs.

  27. dear sonia,
    you are a gift!! your love and your tenderness touched me
    ( and i assume everyone who watched this wonderful video). it's a great way to show and reflect a wonderfull way to support developmental process that is so significant for new-borns: attention, patience, communicating by touch, eye contact,hearing...
    and all of that inside an invironment that familiar and confortable for those sensitive little ones (like inside the womb).
    i bless you for your great work that must come from huge amounts of LOVE.
    you must be a special persone.
    i'll be happy to translate your blog or any kind of contents to hebrew.
    and would love the opportunity to spread your work here in israel...
    you can contact me by mail:

    looking forward to your mail

  28. Hi, is there an email address to contact you please?

  29. Bonsoir, je viens de regarder votre vidéo sur le bain plaisir de bbébé, qu'est ce que c'est beau, ça me touche beaucoup autant de savoirs faires sur un nouveau né et quel laché prise pour le petit bout, c'est merveilleux ! je suis jeune maman et j'aime aussi détendre ma petite dans bain ; auriez vous une adresse pour éventuellement prendre un rdv ? Merci d'avance ! Aude

  30. Tammy tammy.gardiner@y7mail.com4 février 2013 à 08:21

    I am unable to access your website..... I get this error: Forbidden. You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    Please Help